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Confessions of A Drama Queen


Thursday, November 13, 2003


Dear devoted readers as well as stalkers,

This is to inform you that my daily ramblings has moved to

This will be the last entry for this blog. Please join me and my ramblings to a better location. It will only get GOOD-ER!!! =)

What to expect at :
* LOTS of pictures to support my ramblings

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Thank you to everyone who's been an avid reader of this blog. I hope you will continue wasting your precious time at only gets GOOD-ER right?

Monday, November 10, 2003

Part I

As expected I entered the weekend with a "party hard" mentality. I thought I worked really hard on the weekdays so I was really prepared to live it up on the w/e. =) Went to a friend's bday party. Good food. Good times. I've never eaten so much bday cake in my life. Then all of us decided to go "Korean clubbing" after dinner. And this is when the FUN really begins...

So we met up w/ a bunch of people at Vegas (no, not Barstow Vegas LOL) in K-town. Note to self: Unless you're a host never arrive at a party too early. It was kinda laid back at first cuz people were still taking their sweet time arriving. Dammit we got there too early so naturally we started the alcohol flow. I took like...2 shots...but I was buzzed most of the night. I wasn't planning on getting ass drunk like last Saturday cuz frankly it gets embarrassing when i am drunk. Being a lil' buzzed was good cuz I was looking forward to dancing. More people arrived a little after we started our alcohol consumption. By this time, the bday girl (u know who u r) was butt the point that she started molesting me LOL. Damn good thing I had my Baby Boy next to me otherwise I would've been raped by her LOL. It was fun getting all drunk and stupid though. I mean...only when you 're drunk can you have an excuse to act stupid.

So of course the alcohol was flowing heavily as more people arrived. I didn't expect to see that many people but yea...quite a few. Oh yea...of course the dancing was BOOTY SHAKING DELICIOUS LOL. After all these years club-hopping I think I finally found my freaky hoochie as a dancing partner LOL. This chick got moves I only thought were possible for a veteran club-goer i.e. ME LOL j/k she's this innocent natural beauty but she gets FREAKY on the dance floor. She's pretty though...not like superficial hot but naturally pretty. So soon as i saw her dance...i was like....DAY-AM!!! BBB-RING IT ON!!!!!!!!! LOL....and bring it on and OUT she did LOL...
And chick wasn't even drunk!!! LOL....

Of course people were GASPING looking at us...and of course pervs were hovering around us....I was laughing my ass off when this one perv stopped me in the middle of freaking...i mean...dancing ..and asked me for my name and #. I was like 'oh no you didn't just stop me for that' LOL...i told dude that i'm too drunk to remember my name...let alone my #. So you may be thinking...where's my man all this time? Well he was just sittin' back letting me have my FUN. I just love partying w/ girls who know how to party. LOL. All in was CRAZY FUN until...

Part II my bf insisted that I drive back to LA w/ him when my car was at my friend's house. And he had to come into work at 4am!!!! He told me that he can't sleep one night without me in his arms. So he suggested that we sleep in the car and when 4am comes I'd just take the car back to my apt. It was my first time ever sleeping in a car. I have very low tolerance for pain and i didn't think it was such a good sleep we had. But my Baby Boy said that it felt so good having me in his arms in the car last night. Yes, he's such a sweetheart.... after dropping him off at work...i drove the car back to my was about 4am....i was super tired having slept for only 1 and 1/2 hours. The alcohol also made me exhausted. So I was just cruising on Santa Monica Blvd. I didn't see any car around yet I told myself NOT to speed or drive recklessly. All of a sudden, lo and behold, i heard siren in the back. I was like "Shit!" So of course I pulled over. And the rest MADE HISTORY. I can't really go into details b/c it was just really really really bad. It wasn't just me getting pulled over...I got a lot of other people involved and into trouble. It could've been just a pull over. I should've just signed for the damn ticket. But did i do that? Noooooo!!! cuz i thought i got my back covered. WEll, I was supposed to!!!!! I know it sounds confusing but i'm still so guilt-ridden that I think i feel like a terrible terrible person.

I know I did nothing wrong although I've incurred trouble to a lot of people and especially to my bf. But I did nothing wrong. Well, besides learning to be a more responsible driver, I also learned that true love does exist and that on this earth there is such thing as a devoted, selfless, supportive bf who would do anything to protect his gf.

Friday, November 07, 2003


This week went by especially fast since I didn't come to work on Monday. Regardless it was a busy week. Man, year end is approaching. I'm sort of dreading it b/c that only means I will have to start coming into work on Saturdays in a few weeks to take care of year end stuff. Life was a lot simpler when I wasn't an account manager. Don't get me wrong. I enjoy the extra responsibilities and authority that come w/ my title. Yet, the nature of it can be a little intimidating and overwhelming at times.

hmmm....what's in store this w/e....besides attending a birthday party of a friend I have a few business related matters to take care of. I am working on a project (do I ever NOT have an ongoing project!) that will require a lot of brain cells in addition to luck and timing. I don't know. I'm in a lot of doubt. Kind of nervous. But it's a good kind of nervous. I can't explain "the feeling" when you want something so bad you can almost taste it. Is my goal of making my first mil by the age of 30 a little too ambitious? Regardless, it is a goal.

I know I'm weird at times. I just realize that instead of enjoying what I currently have I will never be satisfied. I don't know. Being a Libra means always making sure that you're on top of your game no matter what.

Okay. Enough philosophical and astrological bullshit.

Thursday, November 06, 2003


=) The other day J. and I had a moment of reflection on our ex-holes aka asshole exes. She said that at this point she's over the relationship, but not the exhole. Then I told her that a recent reappearance of some ex-es of mine made me wonder: Do we ever get over our ex-es? Especially the ones who left stains in our lives. I don't know. But for sure, being the exholes that they are, they can't be forgotten that easily.

Personally, (ok...this is going to sound soooo cheesy, but this is genuinely coming from my heart) I am GRATEFUL for being able to go through the shit I went through last year with regards to my previous relationship.

Nowadays a lot of times I have to pinch myself just to prove that I'm not dreaming b/c sometimes life is just really good. I'm blessed with a MAN who has EVERYTHING I had wanted in the past but did not get. And I got a BEAUTIFUL ring to prove it!!!!! =) heheh....

ok ok...calm down now...before y'all start dialing my # ( u know who u r hehe) it's only a promise ring. I'm too young, too ambitious, too bootilicious to settle down. But I love my Baby Boy! =)

Monday, November 03, 2003

Being drunk responsibly can be kinhda FUN. I realized last Saturday as I got my ass wasted like never before. It was one hell of a Halloween Party. I guess I have to keep it a tradition to PARTY every Halloween. Well, as I said a few entries ago, dude friend S. went as the infamous Hugh Hefner and I went as an infamous Playboy Playmate LOL...I guess I must have done a great job cuz I got a lot of compliments on my (pushed up) BOOBS, Victoria's Secret lingerie and fluffy bunny ears LOL =) Can't wait to see the pix!!! There was this creepy guy at the party who called himself an agent and who followed me around the entire night and approached me every time he found me without company. He shoved his biz card at me saying that he would really really like to work with me and that I should consider giving him a call if I want to attend Hollywood events. OH PUH-LEASE!!! V. was dressed as a badass biker...with his leather jacket and hat...but he came off as my tough security his role for the night seemed perfect to fend off dirty pervs....
so yea....lotsa booze and lotsa hard core dirty dancing...i dunno...i guess those hours i spent practicing on the stripper pole really helped after all LOL. I don't remember much of what happened...But I know it was a damn HOT night LOL. Woo-hoo!!!! I finally got drunk. Fell on the ground a coupla times but most of the time V. was carrying me. I didn't know that when you're drunk you can't stand straight...and when you try standing straight or walking you'd end up collapsing and then laughing your ass eh?

yea...good time good time...and to top it off...i just had to have the BESTEST bf/best friend in the whole world. I love you BIG Daddy...uh...i meant BIG Baby!! LOL...There's no one on this universal who can replace you =)

btw, i think the "gay" revolution is happening. I just feel very COMFORTABLE being around girls and doing naughty (not dirty) things when we party. I's just so much fun getting all up on them...there was this hot chick at the party who slapped my ass everytime she passed by me...oh and when we danced we.... be continued.... LOL

Friday, October 31, 2003


Y'all got costumes?!? Funny, but I'm picking up my costume tonite for tomorrow night's after Halloween party =) Dude friend S. and I went to Aahhs shopping for costumes last night. Boy was it crowded!!! I was literally trapped in the aisles. Being claustrophobic that I am I almost fainted a few times. S. and I have been invited to this awesome costume party tomorrow nite. We've been wrecking our brains out trying to come up w/ something orginal. So finally dude and I thought of going as Hugh Helfer (dude) and Playboy Bunnie (me!!!)

Well, I talked to V. about going w/ me and he suggested that we go as a sexy female cop (me!!) dragging around a prisoner (him!!!). dilemma up the mamas. I thought the Playboy Bunnie is hilarious and easy to pull together. I've already found a pair of fluffy bunny ears at Aahhs. All I need is some trashy, yet sexy lingerie...and that's easy cuz I can always dig sum' out of my closet HAHAH LOL =) I live for dirty lingerie!!!! LOL
Oh yea, S. bought his Hugh Hefner robe last night. I almost peed laughing looking at it cuz it's sooooooo HUGH HEFNER!!! It's this red silky robe which comes with a CIGAR PIPE!!!!! How cool is that!?!? I told dude that all he needs are some HOT LOOKING bunnies to complete the get-up. Ahhhhhhh I can't wait!!!!
I'm never a fan of Halloween until last year when i went to TWO Halloween parties and had the MOST fun!! I was a (sexy) red she-devil last year...yup, red short short dress and battery operated flashing red horns LOL it was so much fun.

Thursday, October 30, 2003


So Baby Boy surprised me with 30 beautiful white roses tonight. I loooove white roses!!! =) I totally thought I wasn't gonna get any more flowers from him since I got over 70 roses for my Bday last month. Well, because of the candle incident at work (see entry below) Baby Boy thought he could cheer me up with the roses...and Thai food for dinner.

I'm probably the most spoiled girlfriend in the whole world. I can "almost" get whatever I need or want...All I need to do is pick up my cell and say "hunnie...i want...." and I'll get =)

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

NOT THE VERY BEST DAY IN THE OFFICE I'm always running late in the morning...But this morning...I was REALLY late. I wasn't worried about getting reprimanded by my boss...cuz he's cool like that. I was more worried about missing client calls. One time I came in late, got a call from a client wanting to meet w/ me to go over a few things. You have no idea what it's like to put everything together and look "cool" under pressure. Anyway, as my eyes landed on the answering machine I couldn't help but let out a very LOUD gasp as I looked at the shattered candle ball next to it. My favorite, prettiest, most expensive candle was literally crushed. Apparently it had been knocked off my desk while the janitor was trying to clean my office. On my desk was a note filled with grammatical/spelling errors written by the Mexican janitor and it read as follow: "We are very sorry. Went the cleaner was working in your office by accident she broke this candel. For any problem please you can call to the Company (310)***-****"

I didn't know whether to laugh at the grammar/spelling errors or cry looking at the broken candle. One thing for sure I was PISSED and still am. I honestly can't understand HOW she could have knocked the candle off my desk. The thing that pisses me off is she had no business touching anything on my desk and in my office. Her job is to come in afterhour to take out my trash bin and tidy up my office. And NOT touch ANYTHING on my desk. So I feel a little intruded. URrggggggg i'm pissed dude. Ok, so the candle cost a mere 20 bucks. But it was my favorite candle and a special one too. The candle was surrounded by REAL dry apple, orange, and strawberry slices which were encased in candle gel. Can't really explain it but it was a one of a kind candle. Urrrrrhhhhhhggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!! now i'm debating whether to call the building managers and tell them to reimburse me. I really really really liked the candle.

Monday, October 27, 2003


I HATED it!!!!!!!!!! I honestly don't understand how people get a kick out of going through a maze and getting scared shitless by costume clad creatures. Ok, so I am a scare-dy cat...but a logical one too. Why waste $40 on classless entertainment? I'd rather use that money to go see a play. Well, at least now I can claim I've been to Knott's Scary Farms and hated it.

Other than that, the weekend was great. The extra hour really helped! oh how i wish we could go back an hour every month. Hmmm...He and I did a lot of things this past w/e. Went to OC (yes, again) to eat viet food, get junk foods, went grocery shopping. Went to church. Went over to His parents' house. Went over to my parents' house. I guess the most fun we had was on Sunday. Sunday was our reading day at Barnes&Noble. We went to the one on 3rd St Promenade and spent 4 hours there cultivating our brains. Yea...I love hanging out at book stores w/ Him. It's so relaxing and fun. We'd read quietly and every once in a while He 'd find s/t interesting and pass it to me and have me read it. We would've stayed much longer than 4 hours if it didn't get too cold towards the end. I think that's one of the many simple luxuries we have together: READING.

After B&N, naturally we got hungry. So we walked along 3rd St. to find a good restaurant. Eventually ended up at this crowded, yet pretty Italian place. Got a table by the patio where we could eat and check out the scenery/people at the same time. Good food, good conversation, nice weather, nice waitors. What else can we ask for!

After dinner we walked along the beach and it dawned on me that it's pretty cool that He and I can do this every day if we want to b/c I live literally 3 minutes from all these festive and beautiful surroundings. How I find myself being able to live here is another wonder. I love living where I live. I feel very fortunate to have the life I have. I can get both the city life and a quieter surburban life. He and I can always drive back to the Valley for some peace and quiet at His beautiful house. If we want to get rowdy and live the LA nightlife, we can always jet back to my place in trendy Santa Monica. Regardless of where we want to go, it's Home for both of us. There's always comfort, privacy, love at either place. We can't complain. =)

Friday, October 24, 2003


Guess who I (literally) bumped into today at the elevator?? The hunky, sexy Freddy Prinze, Jr. Hehe =) I was running ( late as usual) towards the elevator with a latte in one hand and cell phone in the other. Ding! the elevator signaled its arrival. Out came no other hunkie dunkie than Freddy. Looking FOINE as always in his casual skater boy cargo and t-shirt at 9:10 in the morning.

ok...onto more important stuff...yay! it's friday!!! not sure what to do this w/e yet. Kinda want to go shake my tail feather at a club this w/e after listening to the new Britney joint. Damn, she's gettin' HOTTER every day. Oh yea, went to Century City from some shopping last night. I fell so deeply in love with this Anne Klein watch. It was like love at first sight. As soon as I laid my eyes on it I ran excitedly towards it and said "hello darling"...He and the sales girl there cracked up laughing...I'VE GOTTA GET THAT WATCH. Did I get it? Well, you'll find out when u see me i guess hehehe =)

hmm...what else is new...oh yea i have a new roommate...and it's a HE. So far so good I guess. I just think it's so much more simple dealing w/ a dude than a chick.

currently jammin' to Britney's "Me Against The Music"

Thursday, October 23, 2003


Ahhh my watch is DEAD. I've had it for over a year now. I love this watch. It's one of those watches that pulls an outfit together. Its style subtly states chic and sexy. How long are watches supposed to last anyway?? Maybe it's the battery. But whatever...I guess I can finally have an excuse to get that Gucci stainless steel with 24 diamonds and black dial watch I've always wanted. Should I invest that much money in a watch? Practical? No. Stylish? Yes. Lately there's been quite a lot of spending on luxury goods. No more sugar daddies =( j/k I am my own sugar momma.

oh yea, I can't believe I let this bother me but it kinda gives me an itch knowing that there's been shit written about me on someone's xanga. Wtf! Urgh! whatever...can't expect everyone to like you. Oddly, I feel somewhat flattered knowing that people actually dedicate their xanga entries for the purpose of shit talk...about me. Especially when they don't even know me. So whatever. The more enemies I accumulate the greater I will become.

Back to luxury goods....I found myself spending my lunch hour at my desk looking for this one particular louis vuitton tote. I almost rear-ended a mercedes on the way to work today b/c i was distracted by this one chick's lv bag. It's just perfect. So I'm desperately searching for it. Ayyy....

Wednesday, October 22, 2003


Just so you know, the jackpot is now worth $98 mil. So far I have a share of about 50 lotto tickets. What can I say. I love money. Actually, I love making money rather than loving money itself. If there's a money making opportunity I'm there. Speaking of money, He and I went to an Internet Marketing Conference last night. Of course, the topic was on how to make money on the internet. Very informative. We even signed up for another workshop which takes place next Monday. Exciting eh? I'm still tantalizing the idea of making my first mil by the age of 30. Again, what can I say. I love making money.

Yet, I couldn't help but wonder...will I finally and completely be happy AND satisfied with $98 mil? I've come to the conclusion that my life will probably always be "almost" perfect regardless of the size of my bank accounts. A friend of mine said to me a while ago that from her point of view I have an "almost" perfect life. And the term "almost" perfect life has stuck on me ever since. You one has THE perfect life. So, coming so close as having an "almost" perfect life to me is beyond flattering. I realize that regardless of how better my circumstances could be, I will always start the sentence with "yes, I'm very happy" and end up with "but..." There's always a "but"

So, if anything, money only makes life easier, not happier. I don't mind having an extra $98 mil in my bank account by tonight. I wouldn't count on it to make me happy though. I would still be happy with my "almost" perfect life.

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

interesting thought for the day: "how come I am willing to spend $500 on a purse yet I'm soooooo friggen cheap when it comes to filling up my gas tank?!?"

Monday, October 20, 2003


setting: Tiff in bathroom trying to get ready. V. excited running upstairs shouting...
V.: "Hunnie...try this on and we'll go."
T.: "Urg! that is just WAY too big for my head."
V.: "C'mon just try it on"
T.: "Sweetie I only wear things that look cute on me. So, no I'm not gonna try it on."

...silence...V. walking away...T. carrying on...

15 minutes later...

T.:"What's wrong babe? How come the silence treatment?"
V.:"You're on time-out."
T.:"Huh? What? Why?"
V.:"I just can't believe how vain you are!"
T.:"Ohhh...the helmet. Well, it's too big for my head and I just don't think it'd look cute on me. And what's wrong w/ being vain?"

Yea..what's wrong w/ being vain?

Ok...i'm just gonna end it there cuz going into this is only going to make me look more self-absorbed than I already am.

weekend update: Good, fun-filled w/e. V. took me to a play on Friday. It was a small five-act play about dating performed by these really talented and funny actors. I looove going to the theatre!!! Went to K Town for Korean BBQ afterwards. V's first time. He was surprised by how many little condiments they brought out. was gooood fooood.
Hung out at the Block with a coupla friends on Sat after spending the entire day pigging out in OC. Yea...we're OC freaks. We love the food there. Went back to my mom's house after the Block. We both had new hair cut by the end of the night! Yay!!! I got short shaggy bangs/layers framing my face while V. got his usual crew cut. I love that he has a lot less hair now!!!
Sunday...woke up really late since we didn't go to bed 'til 3am. Went shopping. Got into a lil' argument w/ V about stupid stuff. of course i just had to start it being the drama queen I am. V did his best to make me see how unreasonable I am sometimes. Well, at least i got him to talk and tell me what bothers him about me. The conclusion is that I need to take a chill pill and relax and stop taking it on poor V. On his side, he said that he loves me with all his heart and regardless of how many times I tried to apologize profusely he kept saying "you've got nothing to be sorry about babe."

and that was our weekend...

Hi, Welcome to Tiffany's live journal. Without it as an emotional outlet, my head would explode due to overflowing thoughts.
Name:Tiffany Vu
Age:22 Profession:Business Manager/future CPA Hobbies:shopping, watching movies, club hopping Lifelong goal:to become a sophisticated investor and have my own pool boy wink ;) Loves: CLOTHES & HANDBAGS Hates: Alcohol (seriously. I do) Quote: "I'm not a prostitute but I can give you what you want" Missy Elliot


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